Ototek Ear Loop

The Ototek ear wax removal tool was designed by an M.D./Ear Specialist, Dr. Estrem, to safely scoop out excess earwax without damaging the sensitive eardrum. The loop’s Guard keeps it from reaching too deep into your ear so that you can get quick relief without having to worry. With Ototek, you can clean your ears in seconds, without the mess of ear water irrigation. Its patented design allows you to gently pull wax out, not push it in deeper.



  • Create more modern packaging with an post card annoucement
  • Develop a landing page website


After providing further direction from the feedback on the moodboard, designs for the website and packaging were developed.


A complete redesign of the Ototek Loop packaging with post card mailer, along with a one page website.

Mood Board

Post Card

Rough – Website